Bank Vault

Bank Vault | Show Reel 2019

I decided to create a bank vault because I was highly inspired by the movie Ocean's Eleven and the interior of the vault. I chose biometrics for high-level security alongside with keypads pads and tradition locks, the research went into this was movies, found images online, materials from the industrial area, visiting banks around town and Half-Life like and Gary's Mod to get a clear understanding with props from labs. For the materials, I've chosen steal to give it a strong and cold feel to it, this helped to add volume to the scene. Lighting I used emissive for most LED lights and for the computer as for the biometric hand scanner, added lights for gold cabinet and overhead lab lights to light up the whole scene. Extra attention to detail such as posters and a man-made blueprint made completely from the Maya Wireframe was key here. For textures, I used Source and masking to brush out certain areas that I wanted then added by painting it in to give it a personal touch.