Original U.S. WWII Wood Box for MK1A1 Grenades

Original U.S. WWII Wood Box for MK1A1 Grenades

WWII Wood Box for MK1A1 Grenades. Eying this one to one and worked with masks, stencils and layering to give it a worn look, stains, scratches and spray paint stamps were added for additional realism. Details for the crate was referenced, and the rope was created with a custom NURBS curve, that I made in Maya, procedural and is dependent on its shape of adjustment with a spline.
Maps were baked in 8k and exported at 4K to retain all the detail from the masking and areas of detail.

Full Breakdown Here:

Special thanks to my mentor Stephen Honegger for guiding me on this process.


Stephen Honegger