Arcade Cabinet

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Calvin cropley

Variations In Real Time

I was heavily inspired by my childhood retro days, I decided to create this piece with additional props such as trash like popcorn, coffee cups, soda cans papers and other cinema arcade food props. Going further with prop making I also decided to also give it a punk rock vibe, adding dirty magazines and newspaper with Black Flag on it to help give this project a back story. Originally inspired on Tomas Ciger Eniac Illustration via Death Stranding & Netflix's Stranger Things. Here, I wanted to see what a next-gen title and several others would look like in the ‘80s - ‘90s fashion. For textures, I used a wood finish then overlayed the artworks giving it a painted or vinyl look, I used a normal brush for dirt, dust, oils and coffee stains along with additional brushing and masking for crumbs in the carpet and for the side vent and door panel inserts. The cabinets are completely procedural when it comes to art and if ever I need a new machine I just swap out the layers with a few clicks.