Doom: Cacodemon 1996. | Passover 01

Calvin cropley composite clay demo
Calvin cropley composite demo
Calvin cropley hero shot podium

Doom: Cacodemon 1996. | Passover 01

This is my first real sculpt in Zbrush4r7 from knowing only the few shortcut keys on the left side of the keyboard, (nothing else). What I’ve decided to do here, was to replicate the 1996 Cacodemon from the Doom 2D DOS Classic into a full fleshed 3D model, with the knowledge of the latest Cacodemon from 2016’s Doom.

The only reference I had was a DOS picture and I pretty much had to imagine what the rest would have looked like if it was 3D.
This is serious to me, so I wanted to go back to something that was close to my childhood.

The process of this was first sculpted in Zbrush4r7 from a single Dyna Mesh, the resolution was increased as I crept my way up to detail. Once I was happy with what I was after, I then created the UV with the polypaint, took that into CrazyBump made the Normal, Bumps, Specular, and Displacement, then baked it in Maya with MentalRay using a Blinn Material.

This was my first Zbrush Exploration Character.