Bank Vault Update 02

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Perspective 01

Calvin cropley screenshot049

Perspective 02

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Perspective 03


Bank Vault Update 02

Here I have a few more props added to the scene, as well as some lighting adjustments and normal issues that were corrected. Super happy to add this as extra for show and not just blog post, been doing some changes based of feedback and working on more with referencing even though no one I know actually steps into vaults themselves. Full post coming when I finish the last 4 props.

The following were completed since the last post:
*Security Camera
*Top Rails
*Railing For Security Gate
*Outside Table
*Drum (50/50)
*Step Lader
*Inside Table
*Duffle Bags

Next step is to apply UMID Tiles in UV sheets for the tileable sheets since that's what I picked up lately.

Feel free to take a scope at the WIP and blog posts for future updates on this scene.