Retro Arcade Cabinets

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I was heavily inspired on my childhood retro days, These props will play a big part in a major scene that's in the works. Here, I wanted to see what next-gen titles would look like in the ‘80s - ‘90s fashion. For textures, I used a wood finish and have the roughness only at 5%, used normal brush maps for the side vent and door panel inserts, the vent was interesting.
Some machines what I knew anyway would paint the whole side panel and just leave the vent gaps. So I had to take that in consideration also.
The cabinets are now completely procedural when it comes to art and if ever I need a new machine I just swap out the layers with a few clicks. Which means I can have any game I want and pretty much make an Arcade outta these, which is exactly what I'll be doing for my next environment project.